Monday, April 11, 2011

Picture Perfect

 Goodmorning, im feeling good right now, just got back my photos from the shoot I had a few days ago and Im feeling pretty good about it. Shout out to the homie Owie for getting down for me. Currently working on recruiting new members into Royal Flush, singers, producers, engineers, promoters..etc. This is a business after all. Just finished discussing videos to, going to be making videos really soon so to bring up my youtube presence. NOthing to fancy, just a down to earth feel with nothing but me and the music. No cars, chains or chicks.(to bad bout the chicks tho..) but anyways, music is looking good, and thats all that matters. I am a little bummed out that I lost one of my verses for a track, good thing I memerized it tho, just not the whole thing tho. So yea, Ill upload the photos soon for anyone to watch and see. If you like this blog or just keeping up with me, Please Follow me and let me know your opinions. Thanx and God Bless


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