Monday, April 25, 2011

Im feelin so Appalled

Check out the new Reverb nation page under L.Rucus, and my facebook account. Check out my new tracks titled "im so Appalled" and "Exhibit R". Listen and add this. Much love

Friday, April 15, 2011

Extended Family

How you doin Everybody and,good morning. I've been working on More studio time and this mixtape in progress. However, I do have some good and definite news. I got a female RNB singer to join my crew. Hahah, Small steps like this really lift my spirits. I know, some other people or even you might have your own company, studio, street team, but its ok. I work with people who want to work, and have talent to push it. So as far as im concerned, Its lookin good. Going to put her on the mixtape on a few songs, just gotta figure out which one's...but to stay on the good mood, all I gotta do now is find a producer, engineer, maybe another rapper..maybe..and hope this Male RnB singer im talking to decides to pick up his card and deal a Royal Flush. Also, im working on my first video on tuesday, hahaha, im exxxxtra juiced!! it's a freestyle accapella style rap, just me the camera and some cool visuals. Lets get to work.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Picture Perfect

 Goodmorning, im feeling good right now, just got back my photos from the shoot I had a few days ago and Im feeling pretty good about it. Shout out to the homie Owie for getting down for me. Currently working on recruiting new members into Royal Flush, singers, producers, engineers, promoters..etc. This is a business after all. Just finished discussing videos to, going to be making videos really soon so to bring up my youtube presence. NOthing to fancy, just a down to earth feel with nothing but me and the music. No cars, chains or chicks.(to bad bout the chicks tho..) but anyways, music is looking good, and thats all that matters. I am a little bummed out that I lost one of my verses for a track, good thing I memerized it tho, just not the whole thing tho. So yea, Ill upload the photos soon for anyone to watch and see. If you like this blog or just keeping up with me, Please Follow me and let me know your opinions. Thanx and God Bless


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hello and Goodmorning..I think?

 So I had a real talk with a good friend of mine last night. It was discussing my feelings towards my music, if I really wanted it, how I felt with the current music game and the hard work need to reach the area that I want to be at. Man.....people don't ever think of the effort or time it takes to get to the fame and power. They just assume that you get found, signed, and BOOM..everything is gold, alcohol and girls. (The girls part isn't to bad tho) haha, naw but Its a mess load of hard work. I've been stressing out lately with this whole thing. Things haven't been going exactly to smooth with the plan I set down, but when life gives you lemons instead of apples, you make a sour ass apple juice and throw some sugar in that shit! So anyways, I came to the conclusion that I should assemble my own studio instead of always waiting on others to work their time with me. I have allllllll this music to record. I don't have time to waste. I gotta do what i gotta do, to be where I gotta be. Thats real..So to everyone whose struggling with problems(music-wise or not) I hope this helps. Fix them yourself instead of waiting for others. This is your life, you take control of it and take it where you want to go. Their is no such thing as Destiny..Only how bad you really want something.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 2 of it All!

Good Morning Everybody. Just had an All nighter, writting some Music and metting up with some real cool artists with ALOT of talent. Its crazy when you find someone this good!! man....Im excited for YOU GUYS TO HEAR IT!! Hahah. Its gonna be crazy! As far as the day's concerned, music and more music looks to be on the schedule. Trying not to lose any time and stay focus with the mixtape, I got alooot of stuff to get done. But its all good, It makes me feel like im getting closer to the prize! Stay Posotive Everyone and Stay tuned to ya boy Rucus.


Just getting started!!

 Hello to anyone and everyone who even took the time to read this, my first blog. lol, man its pretty crazy writting what your doing on a minute to minute basis, but hey, I ain't trippin. Im pretty excited because of the steps Im taking with my music after a damn near year of no moves! Had my photo shoot a 2 days ago. To bad it got dark soon, I woulda been putting in work! lol, but Im blessed to be starting this up again. Currently working on my mixtape titled " Sweet Dreams" and Im telling you for a fact that its going to be one of the hotest mixtapes you will EVER HEAR! 4 original beats with 16 tracks of straight lyrical slaughter. I kid you not, every track will make you pause and think " Damn, why is this kid so Ill" hahah. Im also contacting multiple studios for backing and meeting with local radio stations to help promote myself more. I promise to keep you all updated as soon as more news comes up. Im extremely excited to be working on this again, slowly but surely its coming together. Shout out to my boy D'Andre again for telling me to put up a blog, It helps ALOT! okay, lets put in work. Royal Flush