Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just getting started!!

 Hello to anyone and everyone who even took the time to read this, my first blog. lol, man its pretty crazy writting what your doing on a minute to minute basis, but hey, I ain't trippin. Im pretty excited because of the steps Im taking with my music after a damn near year of no moves! Had my photo shoot a 2 days ago. To bad it got dark soon, I woulda been putting in work! lol, but Im blessed to be starting this up again. Currently working on my mixtape titled " Sweet Dreams" and Im telling you for a fact that its going to be one of the hotest mixtapes you will EVER HEAR! 4 original beats with 16 tracks of straight lyrical slaughter. I kid you not, every track will make you pause and think " Damn, why is this kid so Ill" hahah. Im also contacting multiple studios for backing and meeting with local radio stations to help promote myself more. I promise to keep you all updated as soon as more news comes up. Im extremely excited to be working on this again, slowly but surely its coming together. Shout out to my boy D'Andre again for telling me to put up a blog, It helps ALOT! okay, lets put in work. Royal Flush

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