Friday, April 15, 2011

Extended Family

How you doin Everybody and,good morning. I've been working on More studio time and this mixtape in progress. However, I do have some good and definite news. I got a female RNB singer to join my crew. Hahah, Small steps like this really lift my spirits. I know, some other people or even you might have your own company, studio, street team, but its ok. I work with people who want to work, and have talent to push it. So as far as im concerned, Its lookin good. Going to put her on the mixtape on a few songs, just gotta figure out which one's...but to stay on the good mood, all I gotta do now is find a producer, engineer, maybe another rapper..maybe..and hope this Male RnB singer im talking to decides to pick up his card and deal a Royal Flush. Also, im working on my first video on tuesday, hahaha, im exxxxtra juiced!! it's a freestyle accapella style rap, just me the camera and some cool visuals. Lets get to work.


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